Shiplu Tandoori Restaurant Bexhill

Call 01424 219 159 / 219 677 / 730 777

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“Food is excellent, would not disappoint you”

Laurine Edwards | Cooden

“Join the Shiplu fan club (facebook), because they are the best”

Samantha & Pete | Little Common

“Friendly service and always welcoming”

David Cosworth | St Leonards-on-sea

“We've been using Shiplu for about 15 years and certainly this will carry on”

Mr & Mrs Joseph | West Bexhill

“Our journey from Southampton has been worthwhile”

Alex & Margaret | Southampton

“Our journey from Southampton has been worthwhile”

Alex & Margaret | Southampton

“Absolutely don't want to miss the Shiplu. Me and my family love it”

Tansy & Frank | Bexhill

“Relaxed atmosphere to chill out...superb”

Jamie Cutler | The Downs

“Shiplu are my clients, l love their friendliness and also love their food”

Peter McGorothy | Eastbourne

“We have a meal at the Shiplu every is a must for us”

Mr & Mrs Jenkins | Hooe

“Me and my group of 25 came to Bexhill for a day trip and have been recommended the Shiplu. We will be coming again”

Simon Smith | North London

“We love you Shipluuuuuuuu”

Natasha and friends | Bexhil

“Great....fantastic.... magnificent. I come here 2 times a week”

Christopher Walters - Pebsham

“Its been a great night out...unforgettable”

Christene Gibson | South Wales

“Shiplu made me a curryholic”

Izabelle | Ninfield

“Staff are so friendly and helpful. We get along Really well”

Chloe and Michael Green | Collington

“My buddies at the Shiplu. Lovely people and great food. We love cricket dont we boys?”

Jimmy Wards | Bexhill Old Town

“We ignore all the other Indian Restaurants and dine at the Shiplu because we love it”

Peter and Jean | Hastings

“Great food and great service.....feel it to believe it”

Kiley and Mark | Eastbourne

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